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It's dead, Jim...

Sad, sad news from the camera repairs.
As I posted earlier, the mechanical problem was already fixed
and the camera was essentially working...

...but I decided to go all the way and fix that stupid flash too.
I had a suspect in mind and behold when I opened up the camera one
"last time", there was in fact a loose wire on the flash electronics.

Soldered it back to where it belongs, screwed everything together for
I don't know how many times it's been... and yes, camera fires up the
flash and there's the distinct buzz of a charging capacitor. Yay!

But... the release wouldn't work at all. The half pressed button would
cause the metering and autofocus to kick in but no reaction to the pressed
release. It turns out that somehow one of the flexprints finally gave in
and decided to break. Three of about ten lines on the PCB are snapped.

The next best option was to find out what these points are connecting and
add some thin wires to bypass the broken lines. Which I did. But now
there is no reaction at all... put in the battery, nothing.

Therefore: either there's another loose wire which I can't see even after
one night of searching, or there's a short somewhere in my soldering which
I also couldn't find after hours of measuring. Or the camera's main
controller chip is gone. Or there's another snapped line on these stupid
flexprints. Either of which I don't have the resources nor the spare parts
to fix.

To summarize: I'm highly disappointed. Partly in Canon for causing the
root of the problem with bad plastics in the first place, partly in my
bad luck with flexprints. And I'm angry because I wasted almost an entire
week trying to get this thing to work and almost had it.
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