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Adobe CS6

I went to a trade show today and listened in on some of the new features of the CS6 creative suite just like I did a year ago with the 5.5 version. Back then I deemed it a "luxury object" because there wasn't one single feature that would ease my workflow. But with CS6 I saw some nifty stuff that I missed before. Here's the highlights that I remember:

  • Adjustable mask feather in After Effects.

    I know you always could adjust the mask feather value in AE... but now you can actually draw a spline around the mask outline to specify changing feather as you need it. That makes masking off areas for effects a lot easier as it reduces the number of masks required.

  • Content aware patch tool

    The patch tool in PhotoShop can be configured to be content aware - like the delete/fill in CS5. Nice but no killer feature.

  • Content aware move

    PhotoShop again. A person standing on the wrong side of the picture? Lasso select, and drag them wherever they should go. Done. Well, you can and should fine tune but overall it saves lots of time again.

  • Auto-Lip-Sync

    An incredibly nifty feature is put into Audition... record live audio (including noise!) and then later have the actor re-read the lines in the studio. They will probably not be able to lip-sync. But Audition CAN! Audition tweaks the tempo and placement of words to the original recording - auto tune for time you could say. Awesome! It even worked with a totally different dialect in the demo.

  • Color Grader

    Adobe has bought some color grading software and semi-integrated it with their toolset. There's a bit of a long way to go still but at least you can export/import the settings from and to Premiere and AfterEffects. Easy to use, focussed on the task and lots of preset save options.

  • Editing editing lines

    Premiere Pro can now select the editing lines (=clip edges) and offers more control over the type of edit (ripple/roll etc.) than just selecting the right tool up front.

  • Multi-cam support improved

    The multi-cam support has lost it's 4-cam limit. Now you can have as many as your system can show in parallel. Also it is much easier to set up than before.

  • Layer effects on groups

    Finally! I can't count how many times I tried to apply THE SAME drop shadow to multiple text layers. Now Layer Groups in PhotoShop also take effects for all the layers they contain.

There are of course numerous other enhancements and additions but those above are the ones that stuck out for myself. Performance with large documents in PhotoShop is improved by further targetting the GPU - so you'd have a decent CUDA card to take advantage of it. Illustrator is now a 64bit app... somesuch things.

Overall the trade show was a mixed blessing. Canon had the EOS-C models on display (Cinema) which are essentially digital movie cameras for the 1080p resolution which can use the typical movie lens systems instead of the EOS lenses. The base model is 13k Euro. A tad bit outside my price range and I didn't dare ask what the lenses are.
I saw a small camera crane and dolly system that actually could be within my price range... not cheap but at lest the prices per piece were well in the 3-digit Euro range. Same holds true for some decent microphones.

Then there were some presentations that worked well on putting me to sleep. WHY are corporations putting up their "product managers" to do a presentation in front of 300 something people? They will FAIL. I actually felt sorry for one of them because you could hear the stage fright from every single word. Argh.

The only positive surprise was a presentation about "making money with video", on how to plan and work with customers in the field. Confirmed some of my theories and was a well presented half hour to get me awake again :)
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