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Web user un-interface...

Am I the only one who thinks all those "mouse over" links and menus are a pain in the behind?

I am having trouble with those all the time but recently I have a perfect example: I can't tell how many tweets I have "fav'd" just by trying to expand them. It's annoying as hell, especially if you are using one of those fabulous "smear-your-fingers-across-the-screen" devices where ther essentially is no mouse over. I mean you can try for a really really long time to hover your finger somewhere - and I haven't seen any "finger-over" javascript code yet.

I also know a case of "validation messages" popping up under the mouse, thus preventing you to click on the textbox in question. It's literally like: *mouse over to the empty texbox to select it* Popup goes under the mouse, saying: "This field cannot be left blank" *mouseclick clicks the popup* Me go "AAARRRGGGHHH!"
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