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What's with people lately?

Disclaimer: This rant is aimed at nobody in particular, just something I noticed all around for several years now.

When the new year comes around, everybody reflects upon the old one... I can understand that. However arbitrary the point in time may be, it's still as good a chance to look back and rethink ones strategy on life as any other.

What I don't get is that for several years now I only saw messages and posts like " was the worst ever, it sucked!" and similar. What's with that? I mean, bad things happen all the time to everybody. But if I keep seeing only the bad things and ignoring the good ones... how is ANY year supposed to measure up to their expectations?

And in case somebody misreads the above statement: I'm not suggesting to ignore anything bad... no. Just DON'T ignore the good stuff!

For me, 2011 was a year of mixed blessings indeed. Still, bottom line I'd say: it was good and I hope that 2012 is at least close to it if not better.
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