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Old favorite cartoons...

During the Christmas time I got a bit nostalgic and remembered some old cartoons I kept watching around christmas as a child. I got sad that I couldn't re-watch them because of the long since lost VHS tape... so... waitaminute! Almost all of these are available on YouTube nowadays... But... what were they called? Some strange searches later revealed my two favorites to be:

Of course TV still shows them around Christmas every now and then... but! In my Childhood when I first saw them and recorded them (early to mid 80's if I recall correctly) they were in their original English version. Now they come dubbed in German... YUCK!
Thanks to YouTube's "suggestions" I also found several other long since forgotton gems:

Although I think even there, there are some bits and pieces missing...
The last one ("Clown of the Jungle") was recently "featured" as a christmas story in the German "Micky Mouse" comic book... but without the machine gun at the end.
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