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Meme, re-done: Soundtrack of your life

I re-did the old "soundtrack of your life" meme because I still think it's funny and - depending on the size of your music collection - won't get old that fast.

So here's the soundtrack of "Atkelar: reloaded" - or whatever the second part will be called :) - some of these really fit the category... creepy, I tell you!

  • Opening Credits: They Might be Giants: Kitten Intro

  • Waking Up: Will Smith: Miami (Miami Mix)

  • First day of school: Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out

  • Falling in love: Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung: Woodstock

  • Fighting: Blondie: Heart of Glass

  • Breaking Up: The Tramps: Hold back the night

  • Prom: Klaus Badelt: Bootstrap's Bootstraps

  • Life: All-4-one: I Swear

  • Mental Breakdown: Wham!: The edge of heaven

  • Driving: Level 42: Lessons in love

  • Flashback: J.Blasco: Vortex3 (Remix)

  • Making Up: Endgames: Waiting for another chance

  • Wedding: Dana Gillespie: Move your body close to me

  • Birth of Child: Scott McKenzie: San Francisco

  • Final Battle: Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Murder on the dancefloor

  • Death Scene: Ensemble and Tim Curry: I'm going home

  • Funeral: Spin Doctors: Two princes

  • End Credits: Belinda Carlisle: Circle in the sand

The rules, for those of you who wand to join in the fun: Set your media player of choice to shuffle for ALL your titles and take a note for each category as listed above. Don't skip any titles, each random title is one category.

Note: I did skip a few becuase lots of titles in my collection aren't music... and one of them just plain wouldn't be appropriate for public display ;P
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