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A week with the new device...

As I wrote in my previous journal, I am now running without Apple products pretty much. Why do I say "pretty much"? Because for now the iPod is still running in the car...

The new player has gone through a week of typical use (about 60-90 minutes of audio per day when I'm in public transport) with one or two short videos played in between and it's battery is down to about 70%... I love it! Why is that thing marketed as an "internet tablet"??? It could be the first true iAlternative for all I know.

Oh yes, another thing: I was worried that Android would force me to connect to the internet and "register" or "auto-update" something or other... well, ever since I got it, it hasn't been connected to any internet - and it works fine.

More news to come by the end of the week...
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