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EF 17 - Report #8

Monday. Ugh... tiiired.

First order of business: Coffee. Then: park the car in the hotel parking garage. I lucked out at least there in getting the first non-handicapped parking space next to the elevators.

Something I kept wondering about: does the luggage improve if it is left sitting there in the lobby on a trolly? The hotel has only a limited number of those and I really needed one... but alas, no luck there. I had to do six or seven runs to and from my room to get everything in my car again. All the while somebody had their luggage parked on one. Grrrrr!

Said goodbye to all the people that I met who were still around to be found and hopped in the car to take off to... Suhl! Yay for the Ringberg after-EF meeting!

After taking the valuables up to my room and having a cup of coffee, I realized that Uncle Kage had arrived as well. He had set up a fursuit outing at the Crazy Horse and myself and (Argh! lost the name! Send PM please!) drove down to welcome them when they would arrive.

The staff of the Crazy Horse posed for pictures with JD Puppy and others (Anybody has a list of names? PM please!)

A bit later the entire group arrived (sans suits) and we had a nice meal. Much to my surprise, the GoH of Eurofurence, Jim Martin and his wife made it there as well! Sweet! Time for some fun!

Back at the Ringberg, some of us - including Jim Martin - were talking right outside the back entrance for quite a while: discussing sights, professions and goofing off.

Back at the bar, some chit chat about EF and some more picture taking while some of the suiters (JD and Tzup amongst others) were jumping through the bar and lobby area.

The last of us - seven - were leaving at about 1:30am as our last pitcher of beer ran out.
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