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EF 17 - Report #6

Saturday! I finally was able to sleep in a bit... and still woke up an hour before I set my alarm... :(

Got my coffee, returned to the con and took my pawpets to the "Video puppeteering" panel and tried the ping-pong eye bit myself. Does anybody out there in English-land realize that in German areay we don't really "sing" our alphabet? No wonder almost nobody could get through that song ;P

Up next I joined the voice acting workshop. After some more plugs for Bitter Lake there were actual useful tips and tricks along with some technical details I already knew about.

I wanted to catch another panel after that I somehow ended up in the lobby, chatting with Grandma and Grandpa Kage for a bit. Incredibly nice folks!

The pawpet show started late - again - but with being supersponsor *and* staff this time I could pick a perfect seat in the back to set up my little camera without blocking anybody's view or path. And I could watch the frantic antics going on during the rough hour of the show being late...


Pawpet Show was awesome from a technical point of view, interesting from the story point of view... but the end left something to be desired... I try to put into words what I think it was: during the last scene the end of the show was somewhere in there... but I didn't recognize it. It was like... "is it over yet?" The showdown didn't have a clear end to it, it kept going on like a rivulet of tension but there was no point at which everybody would know that the story actually was over. Compared with previous productions: The demise of the lord of the dream world, the evil brother committing suicide, the evil king getting challenged and losing... It was just a dragon sitting on a tiger this year.

But apart from that, everything was a top notch production again as far as homemade productions go!
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