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EF 17 - Report #5

Day 3! The big one for us!

I got up early (i.e. 10am) to grab a cup of coffee again and then help out with the last two props still left for the main show.

When I returned to the prop storage though, I saw that Kazzador and Furvan finished building them sometime during the night. Thanks guys! I think this can be considered a milestone for the show: no last minute prop building this year!

After talking to several people (a.k.a. bugging them) I finally managed to set up a ceremonial hand over to the charity organization and get video coverage by BBF himself. The official turnout was 824 Euro, some foreign coins, a piece of chocolate and a washer... a total of about 9kg in small change. Awesome! Thanks to all of you who donated to our players!

The fun fact about that much loose change though: every time you count it the result is slightly different. But we made sure that the official amount was met!

The rehearsals started on time with only two of the qualified teams being late.
And even though we started rehearsing late as well (the event before it had overtime) we managed to finish quite ahead of schedule. Also a first.

Took a good bite to eat and drink from the staff buffet (very nice indeed) and got ready for the show. Bitter Lake was on before us but I skipped that... since I make my own videos I know what is involved and since I happened to be there when they adjusted the projector I decided that the story doesn't do enough to justify the stress of getting to our show right after the movie.

As Bitter Lake was done, I picked up my mic and phone, got dressed and ready for our show.

Not many problems before show start... just minor "where did we put this" questions that were done with quite rapidly.
The first little slip up was the wrong intro video... whoops. At least the audience got a chuckle from it :D

While some of the games required a bit more setup time than anticipated, the only real issue during the games was that two of four brooms went missing and we had to stall for time, come up with alternative rules for the game as it had already been announced... just for the missing brooms to turn up again after we announced the change of plans. Grrr...

Sometimes life is annoying. We stuck with the new rules anyway but the confusion was already too much so we had to reset and restart that game. Another smaller issue was that one of the plans for the block construction game had nine blocks on it while the players only had eight each. Whoops. Again, luck would have it that we picked the only plan with nine pieces and not keeping that one as a spare.

Of course every other team tried to cheat somewhere... we cought most of it but in any and all cases we are sure that the cheating was counterproductive anyway, so we didn't hand out any penalty.

Another first IIRC: We didn't have to use our tie-breaker game once! Some individual games were tied, but the second round of those had clear winners.

I had the impression that the audience had quite some fun, as had the suiters and we collected some ideas and pointers on how to improve the games. Because this year they may have looked the same from the outside but we optimized the process backstage quite a bit. Up next: making them even more fun while keeping the "stage event" idea.

Cast and Credits

Name Function
Aetobatus Host and MC
Atkelar Referee, organization, video, Prop building
Kazzador Backstage manager, game desing, prop building
Furvan Fursuit handler, Game design, prop building
Yamavu Original artwork (flyers and videos)
Luchs Original music (videos)
King Taibu In-Game music selection
Ysegrim Scoreboard, video cues
Jaryic Live audio
MafunDi Lighting
Wulf Backstage crew, prop building
Blazingstar Backstage crew

I'm sure I'm still missing somebody here... Message me please if you know a name/function that is missing!
Due to several people not being able to attend this year (Flutterby, Adrixan, KingTaibu, Kimani just to name a few) we had some last minute additions that I couldn't write down the names of.

After the show, I went to the artist lounge again, just to meet C.Eagle again! And he had a present for me! Yay! A nice little kitty character for any upcoming pawpet videos! Thank you so much!
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