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EF 17 - Report #4

The first real day of EF 17!

First call of the day - besides getting good coffee next door: "Supersponsor only" opening of the dealers' den. Was - as usual - quite a bit late, which is IMHO not going to change as long as the staff doesn't put their foot down. "If you haven't opened your table by opening time, you'll lose busines." that would be all that is to it. And I bet nobody would be late by over 20 minutes again.

Now 20 minutes doesn't sound that much but since the supersponsor only period was only an hour, that was one third of the entire block! The fact that the Gameshow preliminaries were supposed to start right after that didn't help much to calm me down :P But I got my mood badge from Tani (Yay! Love it!) and also snatched a shirt since I was afraid that I wouldn't find one in my size later on.

Now it was time to put our preparations to the test: Fursuit Gameshow preliminaries!

We started moving our stuff at 1:30pm and found that con-ops had already prepared the requested tables. Neat! So I could actually open up the sign-in station at 1:45pm and send out the first team at 2:00pm as was planned.

Around the same time Pinky made an official announcement, ammending the opening ceremonies and legitamizing our teams to go out for charity as well.
Last minute call on that, since I wouldn't have let them go without such an announcement.

Sign in was an up and down of extremely busy and extremely boring but I think everything went rather smoothly. We only had a few teams who had to wait for certain events.

Special thanks go out to Tigerseye and Reesa for helping with some of the games as we were extremely short staffed this year. There were also others from con-ops around whos names I didn't take down in all the stress... please send me a note or reply and I'll add you!!!

We had a total of 22 teams (two players each) participating in the preliminaries, 16 of which did the charity run. I packed all the money into individual bags and put them into a box for counting. I was quite surprised when I lifted that box... or tried to rather. I didn't expect it to get that heavy!

After packing our stuff again, we (Kazzador, Ysegrim and me) started to count all the charity funds while Wulf was scoring and sorting the results of the other games.

We initially planned on having a result by the start of Uncle Kage's story hour but failed... the money count alone took us to his first words on stage. We did the rest of the scoring backstage while Uncle Kage was out on stage so we had a chance to listen in on his program at least :D

By the time we had a final result, Uncle Kage just finished his program too. Oh well, maybe next year ;)

I managed to stop by in the artist lounge for a bit of a breather... and got introduced to C.Eagle by Henrieke! Yay! He made it after all!
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