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EF 17 - Report #3

Here it is... the first day that actually is part of EF, even though not on the program guide: early arrival.

Registration had a bit of a delay due to missing con books. Actually, I managed to end up first in line... but I let Tabbifox pass by and so he got the honors of "first to reg".

Anyway... met up with Furvan, took all the props to our storage...closet? Well... at that size, I refuse to call it a room. As I mentioned before, we have LESS stuff than the previous years and that room is still filled up with boxes and stuff. No room to work there, so we had to "aquire" a spare room.
The props are *almost* finished this time. Furvan only has one and two half games to finish. I will help him, but not *that* much I can do I'm afraid since as always the props are pretty much "prototypes" without any plans.

Took my car out the hotel garage and put it in the train station parking lot... no roof but cost less for the week than what I paid for the one day. *yay!*

This day also saw the first fursuiters. Got lots of pictures, not so much video though. I decided - somewhere during last year - to try to focus on one aspect of visual documentary. Either still photography or videos. And since I need to practice still photography... well, that was a rather easy decision (I do make some ever so short pans to get at least a brief convention video out)

Now I'm on my room... typing up this report and checking my mail, tweets and whatnot.

Time for bed next, kitty is tired :) "hmmm... that reminds me... got to get my moodbadge set from Tani ASAP... hope she didn't forget to bring it."
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