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EF 17 - Report #2

Day -1.... travel day, "even earlier arrival".

Packing up all the last minute things... decided to bring along the Pawpet Camera too. Might come in handy during one of the the GoH sessions. I still hope I can attend at least ONE of them. My carefully planned timetable for the Gameshow got shot by numerous changes in the EF timetable... But I'm the person to stick to a plan unless it's impossible.

So.. up next: drive to Magdeburg. Ugh... 8 hour drive. No AC in the car. Car packed with stuff to the point I'm somewhat unsure if it's even road legal. Therefor: driving reeeeeally really careful and desperately tried to keep behind the only police car I came across.

At Magdeburg I put my car in the garage under the Maritim to unload some of the stuff into my hotel room.

Met BBF, Kralle, Löwi and - sorry, forgot the name :( - at the bar and joined in for a beer... and another one.

Up in my room, I re-checked and sorted all the props I unpacked. Seems good so far.
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