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EF 17 - Report #1

This marks the start of my official travel log.

Day -2 on my Eurofurence 17 experience. I will keep brief for the reader's sake.

So this day is the getting ready to travel day. Pack. Pack some more. Pack even more. Decide against the pawpet camera this year since I wouldn't have time to use it anyway.

Pondering not to watch FPS 100% live this time since tomorrow is going to be: travel day. Alas, when joining the channel, Mutt asks me to call in and tell about watching every episode of the show. Well... that would be one hell of a long distance bill for me, so we fired up Skype and I actually got a call in. Neat :D I had to set straight that while I make pawpet videos AND am from Europe AND attend EF I am still NOT a part of the EF pawpet crew :P I just had to stay up and watch after that, so I ended up driving to EF after a five hour sleep night...
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