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I has new TV!

Wow... it is not the largest TV that was on stock but it still is larger than the window in my room. Awesome! And: who needs a door anyway? Hmm... but I might still nudge the entertainment center over a few inches, it's a bit of a close walk by now.

Installing the new TV was easy. Getting the old one downstairs to take to the dump tomorrow wasn't. 32" 16:9 tube. Can you spell "heavy"? And oh thanks to the designers back then for eliminating ALL the edges and giving it a totally smooth and curvy surface. You are loved.

I was already enjoying some Mythbusters and an Animaniacs episode. OK, with the Animaniacs it was clearly visible in some scenes (but not all) that the TV had to scale up the resolution. But still: wow!
I also tried out the 2D->3D feature with the Mythbusters... It amazes me what technology can do these days: regular 2D, SD signal and an incredible 3D HD experience. Only sad thing: a BluRay player has to wait now. No budget left at the moment.

Up next: watch some of my favorite DVDs on that spiffy new 46" screen.
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