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JOKE: Farewell to a long friend... was inevitable... he was old... he had health problems for quite some time now... Yesterday evening I just had to pull the plug. Yes, a good friend with whom I spent countless hours of fun and suspense, laughter and tears.

Farewell, my friend. I'll miss you.

And now I have to go and get a new TV... DANG! Expenses again :(

OK, seriously now: My TV died yesterday. It was showing signs of problems for some time now but yesterday evening - as it was in standby even - it started to emit strange noises, almost like the degaussing but not one "doing" but multiple "dodododoing"s. AND my reading light was flickering in the next room. The UPSs however didn't beep and they usually they are quite fast with power fluctuations. I unplugged the TV and sniffed around at the heat vents: yep, smells crispy, i.e. burnt.

Now here's my problem: I need a new TV. I don't want to spend some hundret Euros on a temporary solution just to replace it with a permanent solution in half a year. But current state of the art TVs are: LED and 3D - add that to the required 90cm minimum size and it's about 1500 or so. Money I'd much rather spend on different things now.

Grrrr :(
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