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Fun with code...

This post is a bit on the geekier coding side, so...

I was asked to migrate an ancient (i.e. loved and cherished) management utility to support Exchange 2010 and to run in a web environment instead of on the desktop. Well, not a real big issue as the tool only had one funciton: create user accounts with a set of templates.

But I was again remainded why "migrate" and "migrane" are sooo close together.

The original was written in VB.NET and the migration should be in C#. Not much difference. But hey, "why write clean code in VB????"

The current highlight: The event handler for the "Cancel" buttons sets the variable "bCancel" to "FALSE" and closes the form whereas the "OK" buttons set the same "bolCancel" variable to "TRUE" and close the form. ARGH! Reverse logic can be fun, no?
Oh, it turns out that the buttons are labelled wrong to go with it: the "OK button" is labelled "Cancel" and the "Cancel Button" is labelled "Cancel". Obscure enough?

Tags: coding, headdesk, stupid

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