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Pawpet Trivia Project


Hi everybody! Thanks for the kind feedback in channel! As per usual with larger
productions I'll post a little "behind the scenes" here.

I was trying to find an idea of what to do for show #500... but nothing more than
the usual "thank you" video came to mind. I've already done something like that
for the 10 year anniversary. So I wasn't very happy with it as I don't like to
repeat myself.

On March 20th, Shane Graytail asked me in the Pawpet IRC if I would like to work
together with him on writing up quiz questions as Mutt had mentioned he'd like to
do a trivia quiz... I might have missed that on the show but there it was, the
perfect idea for a video submission: read the questions and answers as a pawpet
character in game show style! Shane agreed right away and so we both set out
to collect some questions and answers and he also sent me the relevant location
in the downloads. I asked Yappy's permission to use the clips from the show the
next day and also told him that I wanted to send in "several" questions/answers
as videos.

Up next: scripting a few words before each question/answer to make it a bit more
interesting. Took quite some time, almost a day if I recall it correctly.

The "script" turned out to be well over three printed pages of text. Reading it
in a character voice while still having a bit of a cold going on wasn't an easy
task too. The voice does trail in/out of character sometimes... sorry!

After doing some audio optimizations - normalize/compress mostly - I got the whole
set on my iPod and set up the stage to perform. The tiger as a character was set
during the scripting. I've hardly ever used that puppet anyway. And as soon as
I started, I remembered why... almost all Folkmanis puppets are on the tight side,
some are perfect and the tiger is the only one I know that is way too large for
my hands. It was a nightmare performing all those lines, I had to keep holding the
hind leg of the tiger to avoid slipping out from the puppet.

The video was shot on my DSLR with a portrait backdrop. The format was 1920x1080 at 24p.

After moving the material (about 6.5GB of MOV files) to my desktop I started playing
around with a halfway decent intro animation in After Effects. Still think I could do
better, but time was running short already.

By then I managed to reach Luchs - who did some awesome background music for me before -
and asked if he wanted to try his paws on a nifty background music for the gameshow.
As you can hear, he agreed and did come up with a nice dramatic melody and some
intro/outro and Q/A material for me to edit in. Check out his works at his FA page,
he's awesome with orchestral work like we all know and enjoy from movie soundtracks.

RL work kept interrupting and so I had to move the project (about 8GB so far) to my
laptop and take it along on two business trips to finish it at night before bed.
Yappy did make the schedule tighter than planned as he requested that episode 500
submissions should be in by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Soooo.... I had to create a sequence for the intro, the questions and answers and
the outro each. That added up to 44 pieces. Yikes! Two of them (Question "7") got
canned as I remembered a fact wrong myself and couldn't re-record the audio/video.

Lucky me, the Adobe Media Encoder allowed batch processing when adding the
project to it rather than selecting "export" in the application. Bad luck is
that the media encoder will pick the sequences at random and name the export files
in sequential numbers by the project file. My "Q01" to "Q21" sequences got named
"Gameshow_1" to "Gameshow_21" in random order so I had to fix that too. And this
is where I made a mistake that almost killed show 500 - Sorry again, Yappy!

The upload from the hotel's "free unlimited internet" didn't work all that well so
Luchs offered to relay the upload. Thanks!

Regarding the mistake I mentioned: Since Question 7 was missing, the numbering got shifted and the sequence was
totally out of order starting from question #8. But I only noticed as Yappy
told me - an hour and a half before the show - that he was missing an answer.

Long story short, thanks to Luchs again, the right files got re-uploaded a few minutes
before the intro was run. *facedesks*

Anyhow, here's a single frame of the show's intro exported at full resolution for your viewing pleasure.

I hope to have enough time to put together a complete version for youtube... Until then, please watch the download
of show 500 from which should be available soon after writing this.
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