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Oookay... Business trip again...

...and yet again, things are pretty much suck so far.

To start off, I had an hour less sleep because somebody thinks shifting the numbers around will make a longer day.

Next I had to go home from the trade show I was visiting to re-pack my stuff for the current business trip to Zurich. Yay! But oh no, it can't be THAT easy, can it?

The construction company rebuilding the train station where the trains from Vienna to the airports depart made a huuuge mistake and a ceiling that isn't even finished yet is about to collapse. So: chaos on the train station and signs pointing in all directions (except up) to go for the airport trains.

I arrived way later than planned (even knowing about the ceiling problem) and finally got to check my bag and had some minutes to spare even but: not a free toilet in sight.

Next up, the security check... never before - and I travel rather often - has the security check asked to have ALL electronic equipment removed from the backpack. The notebook was enough every single time. But noooot today! Took me about five minutes to re-pack my stuffs.

In the airplane, there was a strange and somewhat alarming humm eminating from the turbines during the whole trip and the pilot climbed at an angle that I - as non-pilot but technically educated person - kept thinking that's close to stalling.

Aaaaand then: the landing. Complete with the plane going left/right so fast that I was afraid the wing would scrape the runway, but then our pilot hit the breaks so hard that I almost hit my head on the seat in front of me... He probably wanted to make sure everybody was wearing their seatbelts.

Then I arrived at the hotel... check in was nice, but why didn't the Austrian "travel guide for Switzerland" page not mention that I would need a travel adapter? Got one at the reception desk at least.

And to make for an even day: the "unlimited free internet in the room" turns out to be rather limited - maybe not in volume but in usable services: so far only http and e-mail are working. No IRC, no RTSP. So I have to use web-irc for show 499 of FPS and hope that at least the bandwidth will clear up enough to have a semi-decent viewing experience.

UPDATE: Skype works too... but it's no particular use right now.


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