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Just mirror-less or use-less?

As I'm currently diving into photography even a bit deeper than before I of course came across the
new fab called "mirrorless cameras"... read up a bit on it too. Everything I see or hear about them
leads to one question: Why?

Let's look at what we already have first.

For one there are compact cameras. Fits snugly into your pocket and does decent pictures provided the
megapixel aren't too high and the lens is decent. Ideal for on-the-go snapshots with way more
quality than even the best cell phone cameras.

Then there's the DSLRs. Requires a carry-on bag but has awesome - i.e. professional - quality and
can be fitted with different lenses for different purposes. Since the body/lens are quite large they
provide a nice size to actually hold on to them.

Now camera manufacturers seem to think "Hmm.. we need to combine the two!" - and here we go! We give
you: the lensless camera that combines the worst of both worlds: it is a whimsical body that is too
lightweight to hold steady and is likely to require a tripod in most situations and is too bulky
to fit into your pocket!

Currently everybody seems to be disappointed to get small sensor sizes... I don't think the sensor
can get much larger at that form factor: small lenses have small diameter and with the dimensions
as they are, I can see no way of getting a larger sensor without actually making the body larger again...
which defeats the purpose. But I might be wrong on that - optical theory is on my to-do list and I'll
check once I know the math behind it.

Bottom line - for me at least: It's a marketing ploy to sell new bodys, new lenses and new add-ons to
people who want to look pro but either don't want to or are unable to operate a real DSLR...
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