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Well I have an interesting little question for everybody out there who is into photography. Since I'm taking an advanced class now, I will also learn dark room procedures. Needless to say darkrooms don't work with digital material so I had to reactivate my old analog SLR. Also a to be expected fact: batteries don't hold up for 10 years storage. I really DID think I had taken it out before I put the camera away!

This brings me to the question: How long ago is it, that you bought film? For me it has been around 11 years - I didn't use the analog SLR anymore after getting myself a 3Mpixel camera and didn't even think about going back when I got the DSLR back in 2004.

It felt weird... first to put film into a camera again, then snapping a few shots, just to make sure it's still in working order. I kept looking at the backside to check the image after every shot just to realize that there is no viewscreen :D

Let's see what the pictures will be like... especially the one with 3 seconds shaky exposure :D


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Mar. 3rd, 2011 07:49 am (UTC)
About 2 or 3 years ago... :>

I have sorta been boycotting film *mainly* since they started selling 24 shot rolls for the price of 36 shot rolls... I just feel ripped off. I suppose by now it's not that much of a difference, but beyond that, I haven't felt the need.

I used to head up the main branch of the Photography dept at my college for a while, and spent yeeeeeeeers taking professional pix for a variety of reasons, mostly with Nikon and Hasselblad gear, plus some Yashica and Kodak and a few other scattered makes.. I've just been doing a whole lot else since then...
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