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Some bucks saved...

...hopefully. I usually don't shop for stuff from lesser known online stores but this time it seemed at least worth a try.

I need a replacement battery for my tablet PC - an HP TC4200 - which I really would have loved to see run Windows 7... but alas that model isn't quite strong enough AND I didn't have a USB based DVD drive at hand. Sooooo... I used my USB CD drive from an even older tablet PC to install Ubuntu on it. Runs fine except the WiFi isn't working with my network :(

The only thing that's missing from a tablet that's actually useful again: a new battery. Because the one I have only lasts for a few seconds anymore. Dead as a dodo. I searched up and down the internets and couldn't find a regular shop that sells them in Austria. I really would have preferred that since there's such an abundance of different batteries and I wanted to make sure I get the right one right then and there.

My next option was - of course - to order one online. So I again looked for stores in Austria to save on shipping costs... Oh boy... the cheapest offer was for about 110 Euros. For my "just for fun" machine that's a bit steep. But in Germany it's about 50 Euros everywhere I looked (except Amazon of course). Let's see how that works out...
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