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VHS "Tribute" video...

Everybody who watched FPS last night saw the VHS "Tribute" video I sent there. It fit the moment of the show perfectly (Yappy was showing a video about children trying to make sense of "ancient" technology like the original gameboy)

So, here's the

Friday night I was rummaging through my rooms again, trying to sort out stuff I didn't really need anymore and my eyes again fell on the old VCR. I haven't used VHS for well over four years now and the last time was only to dub "valuable" tapes to DVD. But why have I kept it? The answer is: I wanted to get some nice video footage of it first. Since I'm a techno-fur I like the over-complicated mechanics that make up the tape deck. I've cleaned some recorders before so I've seen it at work and wanted a video to remember it by. I just never got around to actually set it up and film it.
Friday however I decided it would be a perfect way to try out the video feature of my new Canon EOS 5DmkII as it isn't really useable for "walking around" kind of video shoots, mostly due to missing autofocus, but that kind of video should work perfect.
So: I cleaned the dust of almost a decade from my (back then) top-of-the-notch VCR and set up a small stage for it.
After filming several shots of the exteriors, and tape loading/unloading from the outside I removed the cover and filmed the inside. At that time I truely and honestly wanted to make a real tribute video to the technology that was alive for about 30 years (let's see iPohne or Android get close to THAT, shall we?)
But alast: at the second angle of loading action I filmed, the tape got stuck and the recorder shut down. Pushing buttons only caused the tape to "unwind" even further so I said: "$§$%@%$!!!" and changed my idea to a funny "tribute".

So heare's the irony about it: the tribute is recorded in 1920*1080p at 24FPS - BD cinema format. That's waaaaay beyond the VHS specs and all I got of it was a VHS fail.

Will it be up on youtube? Probably no soon, since I would like to polish it a bit more first and don't have the time to do that in the upcoming weeks.
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