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Next Video - finished!

...well, almost. It's rendering right now.
Only devine intervention or a complete system crash can now prevent this little masterpiece from being shown at the next FPS installment! Well - I hope Yappy could prevent it as well. But this time I'm reasonable sure that I'm not touching any hot issue - and as long as I get better feedback than the "jail bunnies" I'm happy :P

This time the editing took quite some time. I was at the upper end of the estimated three hours. Maybe it's because all of the special effects...

To sum it up: it seems to take me about a workday of work from inception to finished MPEG. And I'm proud to say that I do almost all of the work myself:

  • writing

  • property building

  • voice over

  • puppetry

  • camera

  • editing

  • visual effects

  • sound effects (OK - sometimes I buy those to save time)

Lighting and audio mixing are the only two fields where I'd like to gain more knowledge but spare time comes in very small doses.
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