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EU-Windows Web Browser selection, read between the lines...

OK, I never was presented that option because I have an MSDN subscription download of Windows 7 that was issued before the EU-version became available. So I just now got a view of the screenshot with the browser selection where everybody and their grandma presents a brief description of their browser. Here's my interpretation of that text for the top 5 browsers listed:

Google Chrome
A fast new browser.
Made for everyone [who loves to use Google and only Google. What? There's a web beyond Google?!]

Your online security is Firefox's top priority [so don't blame US when it keeps crashing and eating up your resources].
Firefox is free and made to help you get the most out of the web [if we ever get it working with the other 90% of web pages].

Safari for Windows from Apple, the world's most innovative browser [because WE just discovered the inernet and it's all new to us].

Internet Explorer 8
The world's most widely used browser [because we could pre-install it up until now], IE8 makes your web experience safe and easier than ever [compared to our own previous versions of course]

The powerful and easy to use web browser [honestly, we couldn't think of any real arguments].
Try the only browser with Opera Turbo technology [Yeah, nobody else wanted to license it, whatever it is] and speed up your internet connection [by NOT loading all the nifty stuff that we don't support].

Honestly... the people at the EU who decided that presenting that mandatory selection dialog upon OS installation is a good idea should do the tech support that comes in. And I for one want to install Internet Explorer 8 on Google's Chrome OS and remove the Chrome browser! Hey, same right for all!
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