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Oh printer, why has thou left me?

...especially now that I just bought new ink cartridges??

Argh. I'm really really happy with my (so far) trusty HP DeskJet 970cxi - it came with a duplex-unit so I could print double sided documents. Neat. Quality was fine, speed was OK. And with my printing needs a set of cartridges lasted me well over a year. The printer called for a new set of them by the end of last week, so I actually picked up some when I was at a store that had a suitable selection. Today as I print two sheets, there's a disturbing grinding sound eminating from the inside of it. Like stripped plastic gears. If I detect it halfway correct, it's the little plug thingie that covers the printer heads when they aren't used. Bummer. I was already thinking of buying a new printer as I picked up the ink but opted to keep this one for another run of cartridges. The thing is: however expensive those things are, a printer still is a bit more expensive than a set of cartridges. Only with laser printers it's sometimes the other way around.

Bummer. Close to 100 Euro practically wasted for the new inks... And the chances of finding a reasonable replacement (i.e. same cartridges, same features) are slim.
Tags: fail, hardware, printer

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