Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Puppetry - the next video!

It's been longer than I'd like it to be but... another video is in the making. If production continues to go as fast as it started (I'm on coffee right now!) it may even be done by Sunday's Funday Pawpet Show. This time I managed to come up with several jokes - or at least little things I think of as funny. Only time will tell if others like them as well.

Let's see:

Idea for new video. Check.
Made up some additional jokes to make the video longer than the credits. Check.

Built some props. Check.
Set up puppet stage. Check.
Do the voice-over. Check.
Process voice-over files. Check.
Wait for glue on props to dry. Check.
Film the different shots. Pending.
Transfer video to computer. Pending.
Edit video. Pending.
Search for sound effects. Pending.

Gee, I really hope to leave only the editing and sound effects part for tomorrow - those shouldn't take more than two or three hours...

Oh yea: I did finish a little artjam picture that Yappy should be able to relate to ;)
Tags: fps, video
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