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Eurofurence 16 - Summary

I prepared for travel on Saturday before the con and left home on Sunday morning.
The reason I chose to add two nights even before the early arrival was to be there when the first people arrive. Relaxed. The ca. 800km road trip was bound to be exhausting.

Monday went by pretty fast: scouted the area and took some pictures, carried all my stuff to the room.

Tuesday was a bit of a drag for me. Didn't feel all that well, either from stress or I had something to eat that didn't agree with my intestines. Note to self: no more food experiments! No. Never ever. At least not on a trip!

On Wednesday we (i.e. the team I joined) prepared for the Fursuit Gameshow: final adjustments to the game props, setting up the two boards I built, discussing the games and: patching together 150 bugs - OK, I probably did the least of those but I did help as good as I could given my upset stomache.

Thursday was busy: Gameshow preliminaries. I manned the bonus game: Charity collection. The suiters were given a cup each and had to run around the hotel, collecting for charity within a 10 minute time limit. First I tried to count the amount myself. But with all those numbers getting called around me, I kept losing count so I handed off that part to Pinky who was there as the official charity contact. Turns out our little game contributed 670,- to the charity. Neat. At 3pm my Video Editing panel started. Only a handful visitors though. Either nobody else was interested or there were too many other interesting panels going on. After my panel, I joined Uncle Kage in his "Avian Characters" panel - much to his surprise, because it seems nobody has told him that he was supposed to host it... We did have fun with him anyway. Some tiny stories about his work in a bird sanctuary and scientific information to go with it. My last stop for the day was "Stage Fever" which started late (as per usual with the main stage events) and somewhat didn't quite meet up with last years standard - but that's OK since it is sort of an "open stage" (like "open mic") thing and I'm not going to judge any of the acts here.

Friday was a blur. The Fursuit Gameshow was up to start at 1:30pm with rehearsal scheduled at 11:00am - but somehow the stage was in use until 11:00am so we had the first delay: our stuff needed to get on the stage and it was late, the second delay was missing suiters... only way past noon we finally could start the official rehearsal (i.e. explain all the games to the suiters and make sure the suits were compatible to the props) - no surprise our event started over an hour late. I totally missed any panel that day because of that. But at least I could wander through the art show before going back up to my room to give my stomache some rest. Didn't want to see the auction anyway and slept through the beginning of Kage vs. 2 so I didn't bother joining in late.

Saturday started off with the fursuit parade. Awesome number of suiters. Not one suit that could be called "bad" from a technical perspective. Some suits were creepy from the design standpoint but that's again personal opinion and should be treated as such. At 3:00pm my second panel - "Pawpet Roundtable" - attracted a visitor or two more than the first one. One of the attendees was "Vixie" who did two pawpet panels earlier. I had a nice cup of coffee with her after the panel :p... Later that day - again with some delay - the pawpet show "Ogwambi!" opened it's doors and I used my sponsor status to get a nice seat in the last row where I could prop up my camcorder without anybody behind me or in front of me. Perfect view AND enough tapes/batteries this time. I really wonder how that turned out.

Sunday was just a nice day to be lazy and hang around. Just waited for the dead dog party to start. Had a few drinks at the party, arranged a phone call for Tani and - not being the dancing type - went upstairs to join FPS around midnight when the party started to look (and sound) pretty much drunken-fun instead of regular-fun.

Monday saw me packing up and loading up the car. After paying an extra-large sum at the hotel for two additional nights, hotel parking and two days of internet access I went for some dinner and left around 3:00pm - just to head to Uncle Kage's unofficial dead dog party at the Ringberg hotel in Suhl. But that's for another post.

Pictures to follow...
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