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Tweet, tweet...

Short version: I recently joined Twitter...

Long version:

My motto for new technology is: let's sit out the hype and wait if it is still around after a year or so. If it seems useful by then, go for it. Well, Twitter has passed that mark and is still up and running (somewhat from what I hear) and I had enough time to think about how I could use it.

I know that the "I'm going to work" - "Now I'm at work" - "Work is boring" - "etc.etc.etc..." posts are annoying and these aren't the ones I'll be doing. On the other hand, I'll probably use it for more than just video/special art announcements. Since I don't live anywhere near my RL friends I'll probably announce days that I have unexpected time in some larger city on my hands (mostly Vienna) to see if anybody is up for a meet.

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