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What a day... Redux!!

Whatever diety is in control over this cosmos has fun picking on me right now... at least that's what it feels like.

Today's top issue started with a nice day outside and a lawn that was getting a tad bit high - and I don't mean tht as an understatement, it really only was a tad, about an inch or two higher than it should be. So I took out the lawnmower. An electric lawnmower. Plug in the extension cord and keep an eye out for that cord as to not run over it or trip. When I was doing the last bit of the lawn, just about to turn the mower around for that last half-mower-width strip of grass that was left I noticed something odd... *sniff sniff* "Something's burning... must be at one of the new neighbors...." immediately followed by "I'm sure electrical mowers aren't supposed to create THAT much smoke?!" which was again immediately followed by me yanking the cord out of the mower's plug and dragging it away from any dried bushes as fast as I could. P-U! Burnt electrical engine smells really, really aweful!

So on top of my car reparis I now have to get a new lawnmower...

Honestly, I'm almost scared of touching anything valuable right now... probably shouldn't even be usign the computer *zap* (j/k) - then again... the speakers do behave odd today...
Tags: garden, wtf

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