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What a day...

Before I start describing my day, you should know that I'm pretty much nocturnal. If I go to bed before midnight, something is wrong. Usual times vary between 2am and 7am depending on my schedule for the "morning".

I had an appointment for my car's annual inspection... at 7am... that means: get up at least 45 minutes before to get cleaned up and get over there... needless to say I could barely see on my way there.
When I got home with the loaner car I went back to bed to catch up on a bit of sleep just to be awakend by my cell phone: "We regret to inform you that your car needs some serious repairs to make the inspection: the radiator and a rust hole in the chassis..." - "umm... how much?" - "about 800 Euro" - *gulp*

The shop's manager told me several times that I had to return the loaner at 6pm the same day and I would have my car back by then. So I had to re-schedule a client appointment to be sure to be there at 6pm (I was expecting traffic jams).

After spending almost the entire day in various cars for various reasons, all without any AC at temperatures around 30°C (outside!) I actually made it back to the shop at a bit after 5pm and was prepared to wait. But: "yes, your car is ready! Here's the bill, the key is in the ignition, have a nice day!" - cool! - So i went up to my car, and sure enough, the key WAS in the ignition... AND the doors were locked... Two guys tried for about 20 minutes to open the car, did some slight cosmetic damage in the process, and had the nerve to ask me if I "could make it tomorrow at 7am and bring the spare key" - "Ummm no... Sorry." - "well, you can have a loaner to go for the key" *sigh*
Again: hot car, 25 minutes home, 10 minutes in search for the spare key, 25 minutes back to the shop... to have the dealer tell me that he's sorry I had half an hour time loss... o.ô "Umm.. it was an hour..."

Well, at least they will cover the damage on the window gasket.
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