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Frucosiadas, Episode 2: Production halftime

Hello out there!

Besides being busy with RL and several non-artistic projects I've been advancing on the second part of my Frucosiadas mini-series. By now it can be officially called a series I think. The second part is half done at least... Modelling, surfacing and rigging of the required props is done (with some mighty complex rigging I might add) and the first four seconds animation are rendered. Now all that's missing is: animate the remaining just-about 55 seconds :) It should go rather smooth I think, since I have done this before and other than new props there is nothing new in the technical department. Of course you are in for a new joke with quite funny visuals. Part of the delay I'm facing here is that I can't stop myself from laughing at the cuteness of... well... I don't want to give away too much yet...

But I did create a little picture that doesn't give away too much. Now what the helmet is for you will see once the clip is finished... Now I'm off to start the other animation...
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