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%&"§%$%(! weather...

The day started out sooo nice. About 35°C, sunny and just an awesome summer day. So: decided to put two chickens on the grill in the garden for the evening and just hang out while they were roasting to crispy perfection. Brought my notebook, iPod touch and my hookah - beer is already "installed" as a fixture next to the grill. In other words: a *purrfect* evening was about to happen.

Then - about 20 minutes before the chickens were done - the sky got cloudy and the local weather service said something about potential of thunderstorms. Note: around here, these are usually much more thunder than storm. Not this time though. Just as we started eating, it started to rain... still no problem: our BBQ-place has a roof and two walls.

Some minutes later all hell broke lose... rain wasn't falling vertically anymore and my nice BBQ-place turned into a fishtank with air bubbles. Water was about an inch on the stone tiles where normally there isn't any water at all.
My chicken and french fries were floating off my plate, the hookah had more water on the outside than on the inside (includeing the tobacco). The only good thing was that my notebook, iPod and mobile phone also had more water on the outside than the inside - all three still are in good working order but were dripping wet... :(

Bottom line: §%"$§% end to a perfect day.
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