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Frucosiadas - the YouTube channel!

Well, after lots of thought I've come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to separate my usual content (i.e. pawpet videos) from the Frucosiadas episodes. Since YouTube doesn't seem to be offering any "folders" or "additional channels" I had to create a separate user for them so they can have their own little channel:

The first episode ("On The Wheel Together") is up there now, slightly better encoded (16:9 this time) and has a very slight aniation error fixed, even though it was only visible in three frames - I'm a perfectionist in that way. I wonder who can spot it at the youtube resolution :)

Anyhow: everybody who wants to keep updated on new episodes: subscribe! Those animations will not be uploaded to my main channel and while I still like to submit them to FPS I'm not going to wait for the FPS premier on these...

The second episode is already progressing. Let's see how long it takes to animate/render now that the basic model is completed and only episode specific props/sets need to be modelled...
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