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Why do I always have to catch a cold every few weeks? It's geting annoying. Last week was pretty nice, all in all.

Yesterday I've visited the "Digitalschnittmesse" (= digital editing trade show) and realized my next priority has to be winning the lottery :3

Seriously: there were cameras and equipment there that ranged from 200 Euro for a very tiny video capture card to well over 6500 Euro for some of the cameras. Most prices weren't on display though: professional green/blue screen equipment, teleprompters, tripods...
Watched several presentations of Adobe CS5 products. The new "intelligent delete" and "intelligent fill" features of Photoshop just rock! That's not only a simple "wire removal", that's almost A.I. there. Time to retire the old "clone brush". And After Effects: Rotobrush! It's there to create a vector mask (i.e. key) based on the image. It allows one to cut out video material that was shot not only with a bad green screen but with regular background! And it takes only minutes to do so.
Of course they had a neat setup for the display: dual 6-core CPU system with hyperthreading (=24 'CPUs') and 48 GB RAM along with a matching graphics board. They were editing 4k footage in real time... *drool*

Anyhow, this stupid cold is pushing alllll of my schedule back again :(

EDIT: The air-conditioned theater where the presentations were held didn't help along my cold I bet :(

Also I couldn't help but notice the crowd that gathered there. And you people thought that furcons are the only places where you can find lots of weird people with bad personal hygene gathering :p
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