Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Travelling again... Cyprus again. Not that I mind it - it's more than 20°C warmer than in Austria. -4°C compared to a bit over +20°C. Nice. And it's a payed job again. Also nice.

BUT: How come every time I have to come here, I get the flu/sniffles a few days before so I can't possibly enjoy my stay??? *hissssss*!

Internet access is - as usual - expensive but there's no need for long distance travel this time. My client booked a really nice business suit almost next door to his office. It's perhaps even a bit larger than my rooms at home (minus the storage space, mind you) and I'm just glad that it does not come out of my salery :3

Anyhow: the jurney was not so nice again - mostly because my nose kept clogging up - and partially because the only seat left upon check-in was a "center" seat in a shorter-than-average row. I pretty much was stuck in it, the only free way was up and even there the overhead compartment was too low for me to stand up. Now I know how sardines feel. The only thing that cheered me up a tiny bit was the guy next to me: easily 20cm (about 8 inch) taller than me. He wasn't only stuck he almost had to fold himself into that seat. Priceless to look at.

I'm going to bed early to catch up on a sleepless day and try to sleep off some of the flu symptoms until tomorrow.
Tags: travel

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