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Nothing important to post but still...

I think I should post at least once a month - just to keep all of you who watch my journal up to date.

No actual video in the works, sadly. Early year is busy season for me and I'm working on several things at once here.


I kept practicing ever since I decied to take up drawing as a serious hobby during last EF. Now I can not say that I'm going to be the next great artist around but my scribbles keep getting better and better. Not by much but noticeably. My goal to be able to draw cartoony pictures relatively fast isn't as far into the future as it first seemed. Yay! I'm looking forward to my first "improvement meme" which I'm going to do after this years EF, i.e. one year as a comparison, sort of "the best of each month".

Part of my practice routine was a comic to a story I was carrying around for quite some time. Took me about six weeks to sketch and ink all 14 half-pages, 54 panels and one title. Just for the amount of work it took, I might actually try to get this published somewhere. Here's a pencil version of the first pge as a peview (The poorly drawn plane in the first panel of the third row has been refined in the inked version...)

Video project

Yes, I said "no video in the making" and I still do. It's a larger project that consists of at least eleven videos with about 10 minutes each. Needless to say that I'm still not quite done with the scripts. Because I did the math: 10 minues times 11 videos makes for 110 minutes worth of stuff to put into them... Yikes! Right now the project still has no final title, so I'm just pointing you to the teaser video on YouTube: Introduction of Zap Ferret.

...and those are the two things "Atkelar" is doing at the moment. But RL also keeps interfering and so I'm busy, busy, busy.
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