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The cast here at "Atkelar Theater"

I figured: why not make a little group picture of the puppets I have collected so far to be used in one or the other video production.

The imortant difference between a show like FPS and my idea of puppetry short films is that none of those puppets are actual "characters". I think of them as actors: they will play the part they fit the most. Only a specific combination of accessories (like collars, glasses, clothing) will turn them into a character. Will there be recurring characters? Who knows...

Anyway, here is the picture, as just taken on my living room couch.

Top from left: Timberwolf, Small Red Fox, Sheepdog, Black Labrador Puppy
Bottom from left: Mouse (with self made lether jacket), Raven, Cat, River Otter, Snail, Brown Bear Cub

Of these, the Otter is almost impossible to play (way too small for my hands) and the small red fox is barely playable.
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