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2009 recap

Well all things considered: 2009 wasn't that bad... but it wasn't that good either. It was a "meh" kind of year. Business was a constant up and down as was (is) my health.
I made a couple of videos - some better than expected some not quite as good.

Business wise I had the chance of teaching several courses in Cyprus this year, resulting in most flights a year ever... probably even including future years :3

The biggest decision I made in 2009 was to seriously take up drawing as another hobby. So far I think I'm doing rather well but there is still way too much room for improvement. At least I managed to somehow stick to my resolution to draw or ink or color at least one piece of "art" per day on average. Let's see how this hods up in the new year.

Pawpet ideas come harder with every finished project... Maybe I'm limiting myself too much but I do have some pride and won't sink to certain levels of humor just to crank out another one. At least I managed to keep my goal of one video per month on average - i.e. 12 per year - and am now up to 25 videos. Thanks to all of you out there for watching and commenting!

People all around have been posting that 2010 can not possibly be worse than 2009... but I don't want to take that bet. It could easily be worse from my point of view but I sure hope that it's better.

Right now I'm getting ready to ring in the new year with a private firework around the corner - new years is sort of a family tradition in my family and I still don't want to break with that so I'm at home tonight. There will be other occasions (and reasons/excuses) for parties thrughout the year so I'm sure I'm not missing too much.

I'm still a bit sick and hope that the "outdoor activity" doesn't cause too much of a fall back but I don't want to set any of those things off inside...

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