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Up to no good... a funny way that is. One of FPS's and many other people's server incurred a major hardware failure. With - it seems - no backup to be restored it's likely that lots if not all content will be lost if the failure proves to be as catastrophic as it looks. See Yappy's post at the official LJ for details...

Begin Rant:
Now here I'm sitting and thinking to myself: how can anybody who operates a server can possibly think a RAID system would be an adequate alternative for a backup strategy? I am after all teaching IT professionals and one of the first thing every future server administrator learns in any course is: RAID isn't everything - it takes a backup to be on the safe side and even then things can go wrong.
End Rant

Here's me wondering how I can possibly create a new puppetry video for FPS and now fate is jumping up and down waving and pointing to this mess... Hmmm.... Bwuahahahaha!

Well I'm not going to insult anybody (intentionally in any case) but it seems that somebody with a bit of time/equipment on their hands and a devious mind should do something creative to inform people about data safety!

So here I am, building props within an hour of reading the announcement and I already have all the Shots without any puppets done! Puppeteering is tomorrow and I think I can manage to send in my work for the next show - which hopefully is Sunday, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

PS: I hope this will not stir up to many emotions now as I know when the video is aired during the next FPS, the situation will be better already - it is meant to be in good humor!
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