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Time flies when you are busy...

I haven't posted in quite some time now. Busy, busy, busy. Anyhow for everybody who's interested: I'm planning to do a "christmas" video again but real live keeps interfering. Also a larger project that I would like to continue working on keeps getting pushed forward. All I'm going to say is that it's also pawpet related ;)

Right now I have converted about two thirds of my not-so-large CD collection to MP3 and it looks almost like I drew here:

I also managed to try out a little camera-rig I fabricated during the summer months. It allows me to mount my two camcorders side-by-side on a tripod. Here's a still image of the captured (and edited) video:
Note that it is far too cumbersome to do a lengthy piece in that way: think of more than double the efford :(
Tags: art, video

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