Atkelar (atkelar) wrote,

Business trip... again.

I'm currently on Cyprus in my hotel. It's nice, even though it's not summer anymore. But one thing drives me mad: the internet is only available in the lobby here. ARGH! Won't be able to join FPS live - at least not for the entire show.

I'll have a look at the replay on Friday, when I'm home again. At least I can launch the download from here, so the show will await me at home.

I'll also update the wiki later during the week in case nobody else does. Pretty annoying. Last course was set from Tuesday to Thursday so I could travel Monday and was at home during FPS but this time it's from Monday to Wednesday... Bummer. This is going to be the first show I'll miss live in a looong time. Just check the roll calls :)
Tags: fps, travel

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