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English article about that gun incident...

I was looking for an English article during my research of the "gun accident" in the Austrian military and couldn't find any by yesterday. Today the article here is the only English version I could find. Although they call it a "missile" - I'm not that familiar with military chargon but to me a missile is a "guided projectile" that either is remote controlled or self steering... Austrian armed forces to my knowledge only have one device that warrants the term "missile" and it is for ground/air purposes. What hit the town was a shell fired from an M-109 howitzer however... an artillary gun... clearly such a projectile can not be controlled after it leaves the muzzle of the gun.

On a side-note: I'm not the only one to wonder about our military here... a reader's letter in an Austrian newspaper said something along the lines of "It must be clear to potential enemies how to overcome the Austrian military: let it train long enough" ;)
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