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Yay! I has Art!

The past day (as in "24 hours") were rather interesting for me with regards to my attempts at drawing some stuff... Here's the run-down:

1.: I chatted with yamavu yesterday until about midnight. After he left, I decided to do a sketch, just to practice a bit. But I never draw "just because", so I wondered what I should practice and what picture I'd do to incorporate that. Came up with "cloth" and "nose". I pictured a "free floating" nose and kept wondering how to incorporate cloth. Then it hit me: a hoody! But that wouldn't be funny in itself so I turned it into a wandering monk: figure almost entirely hidden behind the robe/hood and a rat to give me an interesting exercise.

2.: Sat down and started do doodle... surprisingly, the nose/hood was finished without any efford at all... So I couldn't just stop there! I addedthe body and a little bundle bound to the tail. Still it felt rather easy. But it was late and so the pencil sketch landed on FA here... - I still feel rather happy about that sketch because it turned out almost exactly as I pictured it before I started to draw! A personal success that somebody who hasn't tried to draw can hardly understand :)

3.: Next - after work - I decided to ink/color the sketch and it turned out rather well too, so I put it up on FA as well...

4.: Chatted with Yamavu again and pointed the sketch/colored version out to him. And he surprised me by sending me his interpretation of my little rat monk... or monk rat character.

5.: there was some flattering feedback in IRC too - but since those were queries, I won't post the names/words here! Thanks, in case you read this!

I can not find words for how I feel right now... I know that my drawn "art" still sucks when compared to any established artist out there, so I'm not bragging here. But I now get the feeling that I'm actually improving and that it might be worth to keep practicing.
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