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EF-15 - Day 5

Ah - finally able to sleep in a bit. No program scheduled for today, so It will not matter when I get to the Ringberg hotel...

Arrived at about 2pm and hung out a bit. Took lots of pictures again, talked with friends.
Exchanged a few words with 2 - English fail... not nervous, just fail at the worst moment possible ;)

Recorded another short bit with Ezra - I hope to have this one ready by the next FPS episode.

Also exchanged a few words with some of the EF pawpet players.

Fairlight, the player of "Poke" (playing "Jim", a puppy rod puppet) and Yagfox (playing a muppets like monster rod puppet) held an impromptu puppet session right in front of the reception desk. One of the BBF-Cams actually cought it - I would love to see that again! The BBF-Cam-Operator had a hard time keeping the camera steady for both the jokes that were told and the duration - he didn't have a tripod (hehe :) I only captured still images as I didn't have any tape for the camcorder left...

Ran out of batteries for the camera and out of tape for the camcorder so no AV from the last hour I spent there :(

As I was leaving, I was actually carrying John D. Mouser (i.e. my mouse pawpet) and it got nommed on by Snirf in front of the Ringberg. If somebody has pictures or video, I want it! ;P

EDIT: Fixed names of Fairlight ad Yagfox.
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