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EF-15 - Day 4

WOW! Where to begin... the morning might be a good idea I think... but can I even think anymore? I don't know if LiveJournal has a mood for my current level of tiredness... Please excuse any typos here: Lack of sleep + lack of dictionary could make for some unintentionally funny stuff :)

Today's first event was the fursuit parade... Well... Since this is my second visit to EF and thus my second con ever I could have seen one fursuit-parade - had it not been for my bad health last year. So this was actually a first for me. I've seen it on numerous videos of BBF and others on FursuitTV and the number of suiters came to no surprise. What came as a surprise though was the number of fotographers and videographers who (like me) tried to capture the parade... Let's say a two to one ratio between cameras and fursuits is a safe bet. I took pictures to prove it: The parade and the reverse view...
Anyhow, on the backside of the hotel the parade stopped for a better chance to take a picture.

Later on I went to a panel about music composition... yes, I went there. Didn't do anything good however. It was more of a discussion group among fellow composers and since I have no idea about music I just listened in... the description in the con book said: "for professionals AND newbies..." didn't think I'd be the only newbie there. But I did get some pointers about creative processes that I can apply to writing as well. So no total waste of time.

While waiting for the pawpet show to start (scheduled for 7pm) I took some pictures again, including one of Uncle Kage.

At about 5pm I noticed that the sign for the main stage event said "Pawpet Show, 8pm due to health issues")... Since Cheetah mentioned it after the pawpet show, I think it's OK to post what is known: Tani DaReal (who plays "Mika" the snow leopard) has come down with something that required her to go to the hospital. She was looking and acting fine though, so it doesn't seem to be anything too serious. Get well soon, Tani!

So, the official time had been moved to 8pm and yet at 6:30pm I noticed a line starting to form at the doors to the main stage... went to the car to get my tripod and set up camp... felt a bit reminded of Star Wars there. At only a few minutes past 8 the doors actually opened and the room filled to the brim within minutes. I got a nice spot to set up my tripod and camcorder, the only sad thing was that I had to film at an angle (the center locations were either taken up by seats or there was an official camera there)

The pawpet show was amazing! Not as much of a tear jerker as last years but still: it had a nice story (including several deaths!) and neat special effects. Combined with backdrops by Tani DaReal and EosFox it was eyecandy! Here are a few pictures:

After the pawpet show finieshed, Cheetah held a speech about how thankful he was to the Ringberg hotel staff and... well... we experienced a BBF - a BigBlueFail in this case. The video BBF prepared for the Ringberg staff had some trouble and Cheetah had to stall for time.
I didn't get much of the final speech because I had to clean up my bags and pants because somebody wasn't thinking and put down a glass on one of the benches - the kind that tips over when a butterfly that ran out of polen makes an emergency landing on it. Argh!

So... including the stage events I have about 10 hours of video, and over 500 pictures to go through. This might take some time. But I will provide some material to FPS and some to Timduru. Nothing for YouTube in this case though.
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