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EF-15 - Day 3

Oh... tired again... Got up early (as in: 9am) and headed for the main hotel. I volunteered for the crew of the fursuit games and thus had to be there plenty ahead of time. As usual with EF, our event ran a bit late as well... but not nearly as late as some others :)
I was running around backstage making some last minute props and rushed on stage several times to bring/take some of the props... it was pretty funny to see the event from behind the stage, mostly on the backscreen projection for the audience... i.e. we saw it mirrored... weired!

Next I just relaxed as my feet were killing me, took some snapshots of passing by fursuits.

As I was making my way around the lobby I noticed Yamavu walking by with the GOH and tagged along for some pretty nice pictures (See example here...)

Up next on my personal agenda for today was Uncle Kage vs. 2. While it might not be a particular highlight for the US congoer, it is for me, as I can only make EF and so can only see their program once a year... and they had pretty much new stuff. I've only heard about half an hour before. Out of about three hours worth of material that I taped (I DID bring my tripod this time!)

Now it's almost 3am in the morning, I'm tired as hell and the fursuit parade starts at 11am - argh! I've discovered the reason for bad hygene at furcons! THERE IS NO TIME TO SHOWER! - just kidding, I never go a day without - but I'm sure there are people who do! And I've met them...

Now, I'm just going to fall into my bed and sleeeechrrrrrrr-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)
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