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EF-15 - Day 2

*alarm rings* *tired* *pondering slamming the alarm clock like in the cartoons... no wait! That's my cell phone and it was expensive*

Wow. I totally will need the Monday after the con to catch up on sleep...

What happened today: First I held my panel "Video Editing" or, as I called it "Video Production 101". I expected a handful of people to show up and was pleasently surprised to see about 25 to 30 people listening to me... and nobody left either! WOW! I have seen panels where people walked out. I think it went OK by that standard.

Next up was a "Behind the Scenes" panel for the EF pawpet show, hosted and attended by some of the players. Yay!!! Finally made contact... not much but hey: they are quite busy too.

Until the evening events nothing really thrilling was going on... The "Magic Carpet Ride" was fun for those participating but it got boring to watch rather quick (J4I: they had a rig similar to a mechanical bull but instead of the bull, there was a platform with a carpet on it. Think "Aladin")

I had nice time walking around but didn't take quite as many pictures as yesterday as there were not so many suiters out and about.

The evening lineup had two events: "Stage Fever" (the fursuit variety show) and the fursuit dance with Croc and somebody who's name I forgot... sorry!

And it is now also an official furcon... 2 the ranting gryphon arrived yesterday and today saw the arrival of Uncle Kage!
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