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EF-15 - Day 1

Opening ceremony today... Apparently Cheetah learned something from last year. Then he was having his little opening speech right between several hungry furs and the BBQ... This time the BBQ started two hours before the opening ceremony :)

I tool lots of pictures and shot quite some video material. Not sure however how it'll turn out. Better be on the lookout for BBFs version anyway: he has better equipment and more people with cameras running around for him ;P Oh, I forgot in the last post: I finally got to meet him and exchange a few words - which is more I could ask of him, because he's a busybusybusy fox right now ;P He also said "You're crazy! I like that!" - which I take as a compliment ;P - and: There might be a nosebeep from Al Shepherd in the con video... who knows?

Anyhow, back to the first day at the con: Towed Ezra to re-do the interview in an unused SIG-room - totally awesome material. Looking forward to edit/send to FPS for the next show.

Briefly met Duncan (the green roo) who had my F.I.B. badge from Cooner - thanks big guy!
Also briefly met - or more likely "was spotted and greeted by" Huskers who was standing in line for the BBQ in front of me... and it WAS quite a line!
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