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EF-15 - Day 0

What a day...

It started off pretty normal, shopping for groceries (i.e. sweets) and a backup battery for my camcorder. On sheer luck the (probably only big) electronics store in Suhl had exactly what I was looking for.

Later I headed to the Ringberg hotel and found the entrance blocked by a semi-truck unloading equipment... at 1:50pm... registration opening was announced at 2pm. Oh well... wait a bit.

During the wait, I let out "Al Shepherd" with his portable pawpet-news camera. He ran the lobby up and down several times over the course of the day. It as fun for me and many other con goers, as nobody believed at first that that camera prop actually WAS taping them... :)
Image quality is less than poor however - color yes but noise like a bad reception. Not sure what I can make of it, I'll try something anyhow.

Recorded a little interview with Ezra... not sure how it'll turn out... Maybe we'll have to tape it again at a later time (sorry KP :( )

I took pictures until the battery of my camera ran dry and videotaped as long as I had enough energy myself... and somebody to watch over my bags (Thanks to Henrieke, Karpour and Yamavu!)

One picture I'll share here: tabbiefox and lokosicek fooling around... and tabbie looking "WTF?"...

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